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2017 Faculty-Led Programs

2016-2017 ODU Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs

ODU's faculty-led programs are short-term experiences that typically take place over spring break or in the summer. These programs are courses taught and led by ODU faculty members and vary in length of time abroad from 10 days to one month. Most courses are 3 credits and include some pre-departure classes and meetings, experiences abroad, and final projects upon return. Every spring, ODU faculty members have the opportunity to propose new courses for the next academic year, so the line-up of programs is different from year to year. The types of experiences you may have on these programs vary greatly depending on the location and course content.

Click on the link below to learn more about the program of your choice!

Spring Break 2017
Program Name Location Associated Course(s)
The BBC and British Media London, UK COMM 395
Comparative Health Systems: An International Perspective on Health Policy London, UK NURS 395 or HLSC 405/705
Cross Cultural Psychology in Italy Rome, Italy PSYC 420
Human Services in Jamaica Montego Bay, Jamaica HMSV 343W or HMSV495
International Business in London London, UK MGMT 463/563, ECON 495/595,  or MSCM 495/595
Inter-professional Global Health in Ireland Donegal, Ireland HLSC 405/705
Introduction to Applied Statistics in Education Through a Socio-Historical Lens Dublin, Ireland & London, UK FOUN 722
Lifespan Communications, Geography and Food in Cuba Havana, Cuba COMM 495, GEOG 495
Nicaraguan Communities & Tourism Rivas Province, Nicaragua PRTS 495/595

Summer 2017
Program Name Location Associated Course(s)
Career Counseling in Italy Regello, Italy HMSV 344/495, COUN 648/695 or 35 continuing education credits
Comparative Justice Systems in  London London, UK CRJS 495/595 or SOC 495
Diversity and Counseling in Ireland Dublin, Ireland HMSV 346, COUN 655/695, COUN 848/895
Europe's Migration Crisis Munich, Germany POLS 495/595 or HLSC 405/705/805
Fashion Merchandising in Paris Paris, France SEPS 410/510
Geography: From the Andes Mountains to the Amazon Rainforest Peru GEOG 495/595
Inter-professional Global Health in Ireland MAYMESTER Donegal, Ireland HLSV 405/705
Introduction to Creative Writing in Ireland Dublin, Galway, Inis Meáin, Sligo, Ireland ENG 300/395
School Counseling in New York New York City, US COUN 678/697/897
Social Interest Documentary Filmmaking in Bali Bali, Indonesia COMM 495/595, THEA 495, ASIA 395
Spanish Language and Culture Granada, Spain SPAN 202 and 395
Western European Ports Antwerp, Belgium; Amsterdam & Rotterdam, The Netherlands; and Paris, France MGMT 463/563 
ECON 495/595
INBU 463  MSCM 495/595  PORT 695